Toiletry Bank

  THE TOILETRY BANK: The Toiletry Bank operates in the same fashion as a food bank, only administering toiletries to needy families in the place of food. Food stamps and food banks do NOT provide toiletries to needy families.  For example, a low income young mother is not able to use her food stamps to buy diapers for her children.

We are a non-profit organization. We are not federally or state funded. We depend solely on the donations of indivials, organizations and churches.  We have a staff of 6 volunteers and 2 paid employees. The paid employees are contracted to us by Pathstones. Pathstones is an agency, that assists senior citizens with employment opportunities.

Once More Ministries’ toiletry bank serves low-income and needy familes, in the Frankin County area. Clients are required to provide, Once More Ministries, with proof of income or the lack of income. After filing an application, an intial interview evaluates their needs. Those who qualify recieve FREE toiletry items. The amount of items they recieve is based on the number of members per household.

We offer human and social services on a small scale, which is primarily information and referral based. We help clients find other assistance through other agencies, organizations and churches, if there is a need we can not meet. We have assisted in finding housing and shelter for homeless clients. We help make appointments and act in an advocacy role when we are able.

We also strive to minister, not only to their basic needs of toiletries, but also to their spiritual needs. We share the love and acceptance of Jesus with each client, by sharing and working through the fruits of the Spirit. We offer a time of sharing, in which we take prayer requests and pray with each one. We offer free Bibles and other Christian materials such as; devotionals, music and teaching tapes.

We are currently serving 60+ households in the area.  You want to get involved?  Contact us on our contact page!